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4LZ-5.0H Rice Combine Harvester

The 4LZ-5.0H rice combine harvester is equipped with wide-swath header, high-powered engine, and dual horizontal axial threshing cylinder, which give a strong driving force and achieve thorough threshing performance.

1. The imported HST gearbox is adopted, tailored and specialized for this model to achieve reasonable matching.
2. Equipped with a high-powered engine, giving a strong driving force.
3. Equipped with a wide-swath header, able to achieve large feeding operation.
4. The dual horizontal axial threshing cylinder presents a long threshing separation stroke, able to achieve thorough threshing and excellent performance.
  • Model
    Diamension(L×W×H)(mm) Transportation 5750*3660*3200
    Working state 5750*5190*3200
    Mass(kg) 4200
    Min.ground clearance(mm) 320
    Production efficiency(hm2/h) 0.4-0.65
    Feeding capacity(t/h) 18
    Engine Model LR4V5Z-23
    Type 4-cylinder, in-line direct-injection water cooling
    Rated power(kw) 92
    Fuel consumption(kg/hm²) ≤33
    Gearbox Mechanical + hydraulic stepless variable speed
    Reel Type Eccentric spring-tooth type
    Diameter(mm) φ900
    Numbers of Reel lever(unit) 5
    Lifting Hydraulic
    Header Lift Hydraulic
    Cutting width(mm) 3200
    Diameter of header(mm) φ500
    Number of threshing cylinder(unit) 2
    Unloading method Mechanical+HST
    Loading 3 units in two 40HC containers

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