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TM Topper Mower

Slasher (TM&TMS&RCN Models)
- Perfect around open grassy area;
- slashing a variety of grasses, small trees and light scrub;
- clearing roadsides;
- creating firebreaks
- Built to last medium duty slasher with re-enforced frame;
- Quick –release off-set options;
- Strength & reliability;
- Collapsible hitch;
- Adjustable skids;
- Large range of cutting heights;
- Stone guard;
- Height adjustable rear wheel allows for tighter turning areas with less stress on both your tractor and the slasher itself;
- Thick clean top deck to prevent fire through debris build-up;
- Solid top link and a simple to attach PTO.
Topper Mower (Slasher) Specifications
MODEL TM90 TM100 TM110 TM120 TM140 TM160 TM180
DIMENSIONS (L×W×H) 1000×900×900 1050×1000×900 1100×1100×900 1300×1200×900 1400×1400×900 1600×1600×900 1900×1800×900
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
STRUCTURE WEIGHT 150kg 160kg 165kg 175kg 190kg 230kg 260kg
CUTTING WIDTH 900mm 1000mm 1100mm 1200mm 1400mm 1600mm 1800mm
CUTTING HEIGHT 1.5-4.5" 1.5-4.5" 1.5-4.5" 1.5-4.5" 1.5-4.5" 1.5-4.5" 1.5-4.5"
PTO SPEED 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm
PTO SHAFT 6×6×900mm 6×6×900mm 6×6×900mm 6×6×900mm 6×6×1100mm 6×6×1300mm 6×6×1300mm
POWER REQUIRED 18-25hp 18-35hp 18-35hp 18-35hp 25-40hp 30-65hp 35-65hp

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