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202-3 Screw Oil Press Machine

The 202 Oil Pre-press expeller is a screw type press machine for continuous production, it is suitable either for production procedure of pre-pressing-sovent extracting or tandem pressing and for processing materials of high oil content, such as peanuts, cotton seeds, rapeseed, sunflower-seed and etc..
  • 202-3


Product Description:

202 Oil pre-press machine is applicable for pressing of various kind of oil-bearing vegetable seeds such as rapeseed, cottonseed, sesame, peanut, soybean, teaseed, etc. The press machine is mainly comprised of feeding chute, pressing cage, pressing shaft, gear box and main frame, etc. The meal enters the pressing cage from the chute, and be propelled, squeezed, turned, rubbed and pressed, the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy, and gradually expels the oil out, the oil flows out the slits of pressing cage, collected by the oil dripping chute, then flows into oil tank. The cake is expelled out from end of the machine. The machine is of compact structure, moderate floor area consumption, easy maintenance and operation.


The 202 pre-press has a process characteristics suitable for pre-pressing, which has the following characteristics:

1. The processing capacity is large, the workshop area, power consumption, operation, management and maintenance work corresponding reduction.

2. The structure of cake is loose and not pure, is conducive for solvent penetration.

3. The oil content and moisture of cake is suitable for solvent leaching.

4. The quality of pre-pressed oil is better than the oil that from once-press processing and direct leaching.

5. It can be updated to 204 oil pre-press machine, the investment is significantly reduced.

Technical Data:

1. Capacity: 45 ~ 50T / 24H ( take sunflower seeds or rapeseeds as an example)

2. Oil residue rate of dry cake: about 13% (under normal pre-treatment condition)

3. The motor: Y225M-6, 1000 r/min, 30 kilowatts, 220/380V, 50Hz

4. Net weight: about 5500 kg

5. Dimension: 2900 × 1850 × 3640 mm

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