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 Before sales service:
1. Answering consultation from users, according to user’s site, help user work out the layout drawing of equipment working area, raw material area and office area.
2. According to asphalt mixing plant’s foundation drawing, three-dimensional drawing and layout drawing, to guide user build the foundation.
3. Training user’s operators and maintenance personnel for free.
4. Inform user the tools and material which will be used for installing and debugging.

During sale service:
1. Transport the equipment to user’s site safely and timely.
2. Send technicists to guide the whole installation for free.
3. After 24hours of the cumulative production make qualification transfer for the equipment.
4. During the normal operation of equipment, our techinicists direct the operators and maintenance personnel according to operating procedures (about 7-10days) till operating expertly.

After Sale Service:
1. Give a clear answer for user’s complaints within 24hours.
2. If necessary, we send technicists to user’s site to solve the problem timely.
3. Return visit at regular intervals.
4. Establishing user’s record.
5. 12 months warranty, and whole life service and support.
6. Providing latest industrial information. 
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