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Automatic liquid oil and Packing Machine

Automactic liquid oil and packing machine can carry out 3 or 4 sides sealing sachet.
Possible euipped with different feeding device, it can pack liquid, viscosity product.
If the machine equips with two feeding devices working at the same time, it can achieve twins pouch packing.
Apply: All kind of Sachet material ,such as: Tomato Paste/Shampoo/Honey/Show gel/Hand cream/Sauce/Yogurt/ Cooking Oil Liquid Packing Machine
  • FM-Y319F-C


  • 8422303090

  • Length: 50-210mm Width: 30-200mm

  • 20-120 Bags/min

  • 1-200ml


  • 3.8KW/AC 380V

  • L1400mm*W1000mm*H1800mm

  • Three or four edges sealing

  • 500Kg

  • 1)Product conveying belt, Automatic feeding system

  • 2)Third section electric control system, Code mach

Automatic Liquid oil and Packing Machine


Automactic liquid oil and packing machine is equipped with one set of vertical sealing roller, one set of horizontal sealing roller and one set of sealing roller to strengthen. the vertical sealing roller is completed, continuous grain vein with leak-resistant line. The horizontal sealing roller is grain vein with leak-resistant line or plain sealing with leak-resistant line. 

The whole set of machine combines forming - vertical sealing - filling - horizontal sealing - horizontal strengthen sealing - notching - cutting together. 


Machine feature:

•     Laminate heat sealable sachet dosing, making  and sealing by roller pressing, more tightness of sealing

•     PLC & HMI Control , Easy for parameter setting and troubleshooting

•     Able to achieve 3 and 4 sides sealing sachet packaging without changing any component.

•     Different sachet size adaption, simple adjustment

•     Intelligent temperature controlling configuration, ensure the artistic and neat sealing

•     Double motor configuration, achieve continuous packaging, more faster speed; achieve separate power between sealing and          cutting off, more reliable performance

•     Pressing type coder built-in, saving cost of coder printer configuration

•     Flexible setting up of linking sachet cutting off


Machine Application:


Widely used in sachet liquid soup, cooking oil, viscosity larger sauce, such as bean paste, liquid washing supplies, paste, such as cosmetics, and traditional Chinese medicine preparation.

Product advantage
1. Packaging speed 20-120 generation per minute,No leakage at high speed.
 2. One year Guarantee. One year free spare parts will be shipped with the machine.
 3. We can help install the production line or machine , the customer need to provide the room,food,round tickets, Visa  fee, local transpotation and pay  $100/day to our Technician.
  4. Accuracy: ± 2%.
  5. CE approved and production comply with GMP standard .
  6.All touch screen, frequency converter, temperature control meter and other electrical appliances adopt well-known brands,  such as Delta, Omron, Panasonic, Schneider.
7. All the valve, filling nozzles , pistion connnection are with clamps structure , easy to remove and clean.
 8Can be design with CIP connection function with CIP cleaning system 
 9 . Machine with mature alarm system for safe operation. 
10.Roll vertical type packing machine, 3 and 4 side sealing bag adjust by one machine. Full automatic control by           PLC.Fast  packing speed. Easy to operation.
11.The sealing of three-stage drum is more tight, which solves the problem of blocking and material leakage, and the machine is stable and efficient.
12.Whole set of machine can be customized according to customer requirements.Delivery time 10-35 days.

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