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CPCD20 2T Diesel forklift truck

FOTMA brand 2t diesel forklift specification


1.Reliable Mast

1)Emphasis on the inherent quality of the mast provides operator a reliable security.Wide view mast makes visioin more clearly.
2)CPCD20 2t diesel forklift truck adopts Germany mast supplier which is the world first0class quality.
3)Increased cross-section mast and strenthened structure ensure the quality of mast.

2.New type of adjusting steering mechanism

1)The new type steering wheel dual threaded adjustment mechanism with patented technolog has improved the operator comfort and adjustment reliability.

3.New drive and control system

1)Adopt the international electric actuators and makes the FOTMA CPCD20 2t diesel forklift truck steering more stable and output power stronger.
2)New electronic blanker improves the comfort and safety of the operation.

4.Reliable Drive System

1) The gearbox we addopt specially for FOTMA CPCD20 2t diesel forklift truck.The gearbox has been proved for the 20 years in the market which is the most reliable transmission system.It greatly reduces the failure rate of 2t diesel forklift truck.In the meantime,a nmber of power assis devides has effectively ensured the reliable operation of the system.

5.Air Inlet System

1)Air inlet mounted on top of overhead guard pillar.It's far away from the dust generated from the wheels driving and the engine inlet cleaner are imporved engine life.

6.Reliable Casting Steering Axle

1)Compact structure and the deflection is small when loaded.
2)Equipped with damping buffer deviceenhances driving comfort.
3)Dustproof and waterproof structure imporve its life and reliability.
4)Later period maintenance cost is low.

II Specification Sheet.

1 Manufacturer FOTMA
2 Model Unit  CPCD20
3 Power type
4 Rated capacity  kg 2000
5 Load center mm 500
6 Operator type
Drive in seat
7 Max. lift height of mast with Load-backrest  mm 4030
8 Max.lift  height of fork(standard) mm 3000
9 Height of mast (standard) mm 2000
10 Free lift height(standard) mm 170
11 Height of Load-backrest mm 995
12 Distance from seat to overhead guard mm 1000
13  overhead guard height mm 2070
14 Length with fork mm 3422/2502
15 Front overhang mm 477
16 Rear overhang mm 420
17 Wheel base mm 1600
18 The height of traction pin mm 290
19 Min. ground clearance mm 110
20 Overall width mm 1170
21 The distance between forks mm 1024/200
22 Tread(front /rear) mm 970/970
23 Min. Turning radius(outside) mm 2170
24 Min. Turning radius(inside) mm 160
25 Min. Intersecting aisle mm 2200
26 Mast tilt angle deg 6° / 12°
27 Fork size mm 1070x100x40
Max.Drive speeds(with/without load) km/h 17/19
29 Lifting speeds (with load) mm/s 530/550
30 Lowering speeds(with /without full load) mm/s 450/550
31  Max. tractive force KN 21/15
32 Max.grade ability (with/without full load) % 27/20
33 Total weight kg 3320
34 Weight Distribution full load (front/ rear) kg 4788/532
35 Weight Distribution zero load(front / rear) kg 1328/1922
Wheels and Tyres
36 Quantity of wheels 
2 X / 2
37 Type of tyres

Penumatic tires
38 Tires Front 
39 Rear
40 Driving Brake

hydraumatic pedal
41 Parking Brake

Mechanical manual 
Control device for driving and transmitting
42 Battery V/AH 12 / 80
43 Engine (standard) Model
44 Rated output kw/rpm 40/2650
45 Rated torque N.m/rpm 160/1800-2000
46 No.of cylinder
47 Displacement L 2.67
48 Fuel tank capacity L 60
49 Number of speeds for transmission
Power shift transmission

Standard configuration

1 Fork  
2 Water-themometer
3 Traction Pin
4 Load-backrest
5 Overhead guard
6 Electric Horn
7 Reversing Light
8 Chronoscope
9 Fuel Gauge
10 Charging Indication
11 Tool Box
12 Free Spare Parts
13 Oil Pressure Alarm
14 Turn Light Indicator
15 Wide Visibility Mast
16 Chair with seat belt
17 Headlamp
18 Rear Combined light
19 Formed Pedal Pad
20 Dual multi-valve
21 Transmissioin Oil Filter
22 Back-up Buzze
23 Transmission Oil Scale
24 Hydraulic Circuit Oil Filter
25 Neutral Safety Switch
26 Overhead Guard Appentice
27 Air Intake Installation
28 Durable Tyre
29 Cable Type Packing Brake
30 Hydraulic Oil Scale
31 Preheat Indicator
32 Hydraulic Power Transmission
33 Lifting Jack Governor Valve
34 Lifting&Tilting joystick
35 Whirlwind Joy Air Filter
36 Automatic Engine Preheating System
2t diesel forklift truck (2)
2t diesel forklift truck (4)
2t diesel forklift truck (3)
2t diesel forklift truck (1)
III.Optioin Fuction

1 Cabin
2 Speed Indicator
3 Fire Extinguisher
4 Solid Tyre
5 Rear Working light
6 Auxiliary Piping
7 Floated Seat
8 Specify Colors
9 Transmission Oil Temperature Gauge
10 Fan Heater
11 High Exhaust Device

IV Optional Device

1 Sideshifter
2 Fork Positioner
3 Paper Roll Clamp
4 Push/Pull
5 Carton Clamp
6 Rotator
7 Carpet Boom
8 Tipping Multi-Pupose Clamp
9 Drum Clamp
10 Turnaload
11 Single/Double Pallet Handlers
12 Double Sideshifters
13 Intelligent Weigh Fork
14 Glass Handler

V.More photos

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