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Electric Portable Disinfectant Sprayer Fogging Machine

10-40μm fog particles with strong penetration. Good effect and high efficiency. Long shooting distance and large spray range! Best choice for COVID-19 prevention!
  • FMS-790


  • Core lithium batter

  • ABS material

  • 10L (2.27 Gallons)

  • 3.5 hours

  • 90 minutes

  • 200W

Electrostatic Portable Disinfectant Fogger Machine 

1. The diameter of the fog particles is small, the penetration is strong, and the diffusion is fast! The diameter of the fog particles is between 10-40μm, and the naked eye can see the fog flowers hovering in the air. Due to the effect of static electricity, the sprayed liquid medicine is charged, and an electric field is formed between the crop and the crop will actively absorb the liquid medicine.
2. Good effect and high efficiency! The electrostatic droplets have high coverage density, uniform landing and strong penetration, just like foggy weather. As long as it is sprayed on the top of the crop, both the front and back leaves and hidden parts can receive the medicine, and a very thin film will be formed. There is no need to spray crops repeatedly, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
3. Medicine-saving and environmental protection! Because of the strong adsorption force and little drift, the spray liquid is very thin and not easy to slip off, which greatly reduces the waste of liquid. Compared with the ordinary electric sprayer, it saves more than 30% of the liquid medicine, reduces the pollution of the liquid medicine to the air and the ground, and greatly reduces the damage caused by the drifting liquid medicine to the human body.
4. Long shooting range and large spray range! Static electricity has an obvious supercharging function, and the supercharging can reach 50%. When the static electricity works, the spray distance is longer, the spray range is larger, and the mist particles are finer.
5. Super insecticidal rate! Due to the electrostatic adsorption, the insecticidal rate is twice that of ordinary sprayers.

FMS-790 backpack fogger
FMS-790 backpack sprayer
FMS-790 fogger
FMS-790 SprayerFMS-790
FMS-790 backpack fogger packing
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