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FM-933 Spraying Machine

390 cc (13 HP) engine with integrated fuel tank for best performance and the contractor’s preferred engine with an oil alarm.
  • FM-933


  • 13 HP (9750 W)

  • 15 L/min

  • 124 x 82x 143 cm

FM -933 Spraying Machine
Adapted paint:
  Acrylic acid resin, block filler, coal tar, contact adhesive, elastic coating, enamel, epoxy resin, fiber aluminum emulsion, fiber pitch emulsion, expansion type, glue, fiber-free aluminum emulsion, fiber-free pitch emulsion, coating , Polyester, polyurethane, primer, silicon, textured plaster, waterproof.
Honda engine:
  390 cc (13 HP) engine with integrated fuel tank for best performance;
  The contractors preferred engine with an oil alarm.

  FM-933 Spraying Machine

Heavy hydraulic system:
  Faster and more sensitive conversion;
  Sealed O-ring can eliminate leakage;
  High-precision pressure control;
  No hydraulic reset button required;
  Durable hydraulic lines.
FM-933 Spraying Machine

Heavy cooling system:
  Large 4-gallon hydraulic storage tank;
  The return line hydraulic filter can extend the service life;
  No special hydraulic fluid required;
  Proven cooler and blower system;
  Easy-to-use drain plug.
Rugged heavy-duty steel frame:
  Easy-rolling inner tube pneumatic tire;
  Enamel steel pipe-corrosion protection;
  Multifunctional design can be converted into non-slip accessories in a few seconds.
Xtreme pump:
  QuikChange pump
  Durability and performance that stand the test of time
  Rugged XtremeSeal and leather seals
  Durable heavy duty hydraulic plunger pump
  QulkAccess inlet smell is easy to disassemble for quick maintenance
Complete package for spraying at any time:
  Equipped with 50 feet of rated pressure hose, spray gun, nozzle and all the connectors you need

Additional features:
  Can lock the pressure control knob
  Grounding wire can ensure the safety of solvent materials
  Large diameter siphon hose
Power 13HP(9750W)
Greatest pressure 500Bar
Flow 15L/min
Maximum use nozzle 0.065in
Weight 240KG
Size 124 x 82x 143 cm

  FM-933 Spraying Machine
Model: FM-933                       
Maximum nozzle size (cm): 0.1651
Maximum nozzle size (mm): 1.1651        
Maximum sound pressure level (dB(A): 91     
Maximum working pressure (MPa): 50        
Maximum working pressure (dry Pa) 50000  
Maximum working pressure (bar): 500.  
Maximum flow rate (L/min): 9.5         
Maximum hose length (m): 15
Rack configuration: cart
Material application: paint, primer
Pump installation type: QuikChange
Pump rod type: chromex
Pump type: Xtreme
Fluid inlet size (cm): 3.175
Fluid inlet size (mm): 31.75
Fluid inlet thread type: MNPT
Fluid outlet size (cm): 1.9050
Fluid outlet size (mm): 19.05
Fluid outlet thread type: NPSF
Immersion material: cemented carbide, leather, nitrous acid, PTFE, polyethylene, stainless steel, tungsten wire
Paint outlet filter: Easy Out.
Power supply: gas hydraulic
Type: Airless sprayer
Meet the standard: CE
Weight (kg): 199
Rated power (dry watts): 9.69
Rated power (W): 9694.1
Rated power (cubic centimeter): 390
Rated power (horsepower): 13.0
Motor type: hydraulic motor

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