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FM600-Q7 Series Pneumatic Sanitary Degree Ball Valves

The inner wall is polished, unobstructed, clean and hygienic, easy to clean without dead ends.
  • FM600-Q7 Series


  • DN20~100mm

  • 1.0Mpa

  • Stainless 304(P)、Stainless 316(R)

FM600-Q7 Series Pneumatic Sanitary Degree Ball Valves
Basic Description
Nominal Diameter DN20~100mm

  The inner wall is polished, unobstructed, clean and hygienic, easy to clean without dead ends.

  Small opening and closing torque, quick response, high machining accuracy, long life.

  Quick disassembly, not easy to deform, corrosion resistance, zero leakage.

  Smooth, seamless and self-draining features make it suitable for special needs in the food, pharmaceutical and other fields.
Technical Parameters
Technical Parameter
DN DN20~100mm
Nominal Pressure 1.0Mpa ( lf need other standardplease indicate when ordering )
Body Material Stainless 304(P)Stainless 316(R)
Seal Material PTFE(F)
Media Temperature W2:-20~150℃ 
Connection Mode Clamp
Pneumatic Actuatcr FMAT seriesFMAW serieslmport actuator series
Interaction Way Double actionSingle acting normally closedSingle acting normally open

Notes:Seal process: 1. Plate Hard chromium, Nitriding, Bead weld Stellite, Tungsten carbide, Nickel alloy coat, Spray Stellite.

                                 2. Other special sealing material or special temperature can choose by customer's design.

Installation Size
FM600-Q7 Series Pneumatic Sanitary Degree Ball Valves
Outline Measurement Actuator Model
d D L L1 L2 H1 H2
3/4″ 19 16 50.5 100 159/172 73/85 70 73/90 FMATD52/FMATE63
1″ 25.4 22 50.5 105 172/172 85/85 70 90/90 FMATD63/FMATE63
11/4″ 31.8 29 50.5 120 172/185 85/95 70 90/100 FMATD63/FMATE75
11/2″ 38.1 35 50.5 137 185/215 95/105 70 100/110 FMATD75/FMATE83
2″ 50.8 48 64 160 215/265 105/110 87 110/120 FMATD83/FMATE92
21/2″ 63.5 58 77 170 265/270 110/125 103 120/142 FMATD92/FMATE105
3″ 76.2 70 91 196 265/270 110/125 110 120/142 FMATD92/FMATE105
31/2″ 89 85 106 235 270/310 125/142 128 142/158 FMATD105/FMATE125
4″ 101.6 97 119 270 310/400 142/160 135 158/178 FMATD125/FMATE140

According to different torques, different air source pressures and different actual working conditions, select the corresponding actuator and its relevant external dimensions also change.

Model Description
Model Denotation Mode
FM Company Brand
-600 Pneumatic
-Q7 Sanitary Class Ball Valve
-C8 Clamp
-10 Nominal Pressure
-P Stainless304
-32 Nominal Diameter
-D1 Double Action
- Anti-explosion Class
-W2 -20~150℃
-B1 2 Bites 3 Way Solenoid Valve
-B6 Limit Switch

Product Usage
  The FM600-Q7 pneumatic sanitary ball valve is made of SUS304 and 316L, which can meet the special requirements of various media in the fields of food and biopharmaceuticals. Its smooth, seamless, automatic emptying manual process fluid channel is also very suitable for steam and other in-place cleaning needs. , In the process of manufacturing and processing, it is strictly controlled by FDA according to the requirements of the FDA. It adopts computer three-dimensional design and is manufactured for GMP requirements. It is widely used in many industries such as food, wine, beverage, dairy product, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and biological engineering.

FM600-Q7 Series Pneumatic Sanitary Degree Ball Valves
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