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Heavy Hydraulic Spraying Machine

It is suitable for high-viscosity materials and supports multiple guns (up to 6 guns) at the same time and is ideal for high-altitude operations.
  • FM1033/A9


  • 13 HP (9750 W)

  • 18 L /min

  • 124 x 82 x 143 cm .

Heavy Hydraulic  Spraying Machine
Oil hydraulic type

Gasoline engine:
  It is suitable for high-viscosity materials and supports multiple guns (up to 6 guns) at the same time. Ideal for high-altitude operations.
  FM 1033 and FM 980 are suitable for asphalt paint, fireproof materials, asphalt, epoxy zinc-rich, putty powder, polyurethane paint, plaster, dry wall mud, white cement, and other materials with high solid content.
  The Honda engine imported from Japan has the best performance and can support a set of sealing ring spraying 80,000 square meters of construction area without replacing it.

  The durable pump body reduces the wear of the sealing ring, is easy to disassemble, and is cost-effective.

  Large 15L hydraulic oil tank, no need to use special wave pressure oil.
   The uniquely designed cooling system reduces body heat and accessories loss, and provides convenient conditions for continuous work.

  Make spraying operations easier and more convenient, the first choice for high-productivity professional contractors.

Heavy Hydraulic Spraying Machine

Power 13 HP (9750W)
Greatest pressure 280 Bar (4061 Psi)
Flow 18L 1/min
Maximum use nozzle 0.065in.
Weight 220 KGS
Size 124x82x 143 cm 
Maximum support spray gun 1 gun .065"   2 guns 046"  3 guns 037"
4 guns .032"       5 guns .029"
6 guns .026"        1 spray gun
1 nozzle and 1 nozzle each
15 meters 1/2 inch
1 high-pressure hose
0.9m whip tube 1


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