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Low Voltage Switchgear

ow Voltage Switchgear is a type of electrical distribution equipment that operates at voltage levels below 1000V AC or 1500V DC. It includes various components such as circuit breakers, switches, fuses, and busbars, which are used to control and protect power systems from overloads, short circuits, and other electrical faults.

iPanel new generation of Internet intelligent brand low-voltage assemblies is an independent research and development

ofshenglong electric group to achieve digital and intelligent distribution equipment.Combined with shenglong eectric

group's 40 years of industrial experience in the manufacturing,research and development of power equipment and power

energy engineering service.the equipment applies the intelligent and digital technology of big data analysis and Internet +.

iPanel new aeneration of Internet intelliaent brand low-votaae assembies combines hiah reiabiity and intelligence for the

first timeeading the distribution ofelectricity industry from the functional era to the intelligent era.

Applicable to power plant(station),substation(distribution room)and government users,high-end business, data center.

medical.industrialand other fields.

PerformIEC-61439、IEC60947、IEC61641、IEC60529GB/T7251standardsPassed the hine EU CE certification.

low voltage switchgear

Functional features:

1) Safety and reliability meet high industry standards

Complies with high industry safety standards and authoritative industry certifications.

a) GB/T7251.12 complete type test, with a rated short-term withstand current of 100KA for the main busbar and 85KA for the vertical busbar.

b) IEC61439 full type test, CE certified by Rheinland, Germany.

c) Meet the requirements of rated current 6300A, seismic test intensity 9, and uninterrupted communication signal.

d) Achieve an internal fault arc test of 100KA for 0.5S; Meet the requirements of IEC61641 and GB/Z 18859.

e) Meet EMC compatibility requirements.

2) Intelligent innovation in operation and maintenance, providing expert level operation and maintenance software services, reducing unnecessary power outages and frequency

Provide an electrical operation evaluation report, conduct professional analysis of operation data, and provide operation and maintenance suggestions.

Automatic online detection and self correction system for power outage load capacity during maintenance, to avoid unnecessary power outages during operation and maintenance.

The equipment self inspection system automatically detects its own status during on-site testing and annual inspection, providing data for corresponding reports.

3) Fault warning and protection system, bringing higher levels of safety assurance

The iPanel complete set of equipment integrates the iOVE2000 intelligent power distribution monitoring and diagnostic system, providing users with better solutions in preventing protection and avoiding accidents

The temperature monitoring system of the busbar is designed to avoid potential hazards such as tripping or serious short circuit faults caused by loose busbar bolts, overload, etc.

The multi-level leakage monitoring system for incoming and outgoing lines avoids serious electrical fire hazards caused by aging of internal wires in the cabinet and cable breakage and leakage outside the cabinet.

Internal fault arc monitoring and protection system to avoid safety hazards such as damage to equipment and personnel caused by internal arc faults.

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