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MPGW Water Polisher with Double Roller

1.Advanced polishing chamber structure and spraying system;
2.Prolong rice storage life, effectively improve the quality of staleness rice;
3.Equipment stable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance.

MPGW series double roller rice polisher is the latest machine that our company developed on the basis of optimizing the current domestic and overseas latest technology. This series of rice polisher adopts controllable temperature of air, water spraying and completely atomization, as well as special polishing roller structure, it can fully evenly spray in the process of polishing, make the polished rice to glittering and translucent. The machine is new generation rice machine fit the fact of domestic rice factory which has collected professional skills and merits of internal and overseas similar productions. It is the ideal upgrading machine for modern rice milling plant.
Adopting attemperation, adjustable flow air atomization spraying system, which makes the water vapor into the polishing chamber fully evenly stick on the rice surface. In addition, the special polishing roller structure, it makes the grain of rice in the polishing chamber fully mix with water further, so it can process a smooth and clean surface of high quality rice but common polishing machine will not be able to. This series of rice polisher can fully and effectively remove bran on rice surface, make rice brighter and cleaner, which can effectively extend the storage life of rice after polishing. At the same time, it can remove the aleurone layer of staleness rice, greatly improve the staleness rice on small and appearance.
All the parts manufacturing process is reasonable, all pass strict quality control, stable performance, control button and every instrument are in the nearest control panel. Pulley disassemble is convenient, bearing replacement is simple, easy to maintain.
1. Up-to-date design, attractive appearance, compact construction, small required area.
2. With simple and adjustable air hood, better effect on bran removing, low rice temperature and less broken rice increment.
3. With current and negative pressure display, easy to operate.
4. Mirror-smooth polishing cylinder and wearable sieve made of stainless steel improve greatly the polishing effect, thus increasing the degree and commercial value of rice.
5. With the apparatus for automatic control of water supply and constant temperature and multiple water sprayers damping, fully misting brings better polishing effect and longer shelf-life of rice.
Model MPGW18.5×2 MPGW22×2
Capacity(t/h) 2.5-4.5 5-7
Power(kw) 55-75 75-90
RPM of main shaft 750-850 750-850
Weight (kg) 2200 2500
Overall Dimension
(LxWxH) (mm)
2243×1850×2450 2265×1600×2314

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