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Oil Seeds Pretreatment: Groundnut Shelling Machine

Oil-bearing materials with shells such as groundnuts, sunflower seeds, cotton seed, and teaseeds, should be conveyed to the seed dehuller to be shelled and separated from their outer husk prior to the oil extraction process, the shells and kernels should be pressed separately. Hulls will reduce the total oil yield by absorbing or retaining oil in the pressed oil cakes. What's more, wax and color compounds present in the hulls end up in the extracted oil, which are not desirable in edible oils and need to be removed during the refining process. Dehulling can also be called shelling or decorticating. The dehulling process is necessary and has got a series advantages, it increases oil production efficiency, capacity of the extraction equipment and reduces wear in the expeller, reduces fiber and increases protein content of the meal.

The main oil seeds shelling equipment:

1. hammer shelling machine (peanut peel)

2. roll-type shelling machine (castor bean peeling)

3. disk shelling machine (cottonseed)

4. knife board shelling machine (cottonseed shelling) (Cottonseed and soybean, peanut broken)

5. centrifugal shelling machine (sunflower seeds, tung oil seed, camellia seed, walnut and other shelling).

Groundnut Shelling Machine

Peanut or groundnut is one of the important oil crops in the world, groundnut kernel is often used to make cooking oil. Peanut huller is used to shell peanuts, it can shell peanut completely, separate shells and kernels with high-efficiency and almost without damage to the kernel. The shelling rate can be ≥95%, the breaking rate is≤5%. While peanut kernels are used for food or the raw material for oil mill, the shell could be used to make wood pellets or charcoal briquettes for fuel.

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