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Oil Seeds Pretreatment Processing-Destoning

Oil seeds need to be cleaned to remove plant stems, mud and sand, stones and metals, leaves and foreign material before being extracted. Oil seeds without careful selecting will speed up the wearings of the accessories, and can even lead to damage of the machine. Foreign materials are typically separated out by a vibrating sieve, however, some oilseeds such as peanuts may contain stones which are similar in size to the seeds. Hence, they cannot be separated by screening. Seeds need to be separated from stones by destoner. Magnetic devices remove metal contaminants from oilseeds, and hullers are used to de-hull of oilseed shells like cottonseed and peanuts, but also in crushing oilseeds such as soybeans.
During the entire oil seeds pretreatment plant, there are quite a lot of oil seeds cleaning machines, for example, cleaning sieve, gravity stone remover, magnetic selector, etc.. The oilseeds cleaning and selecting machine is an improtant processing to the whole oil press process.
Gravity Grading Destoner is our newly designed specific combined cleaning equipment, energy saving and highly effective. It adopts the advanced reverse cleaning principle, integrated with screening, stone removing, classifying and winnowing functions.  


Gravity grading stoner is widely used in oilseed processing and flour mill raw material processing, and also a kind of effective raw material cleaning equipment. When gravity grading stoner working, the oil seed from the hopper evenly fell to the stone machine sieve plate, due to the reciprocating vibration of the screen surface to produce automatic classification of oilseed. At the same time, the oil by airflow passed from top to bottom stone screen, the result of smaller proportion of oilseeds produced in the sieve surface suspended phenomenon, disease down the screen surface tilt direction moves from the lower end of the drip tray. While the proportion of large stones sink to the sieve surface, discharged from the special ichthyosifo sieve hole.


Our TQSX Specific Gravity Destoner has features of small volume, light weight, complete function and sanitation without flying dust. It can clean corn by removing various mixed impurities and is the most ideal and advanced update product in grains cleaning section.

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