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Screw Type Ready-Mixed Mortar Spraying Machine

It is suitable for painting plaster, plaster,cement mortar and fireproof mortar.
  • M6


  • M6

  • 5.5KW

  • 1230x 720x 1550mm

Screw  Type  Ready-Mixed  Mortar  Spraying Machine
(Light plaster plaster machine/machine spray plaster equipment)
Scope of application:
  It is suitable for all pumping ready-mixed dry-mix mortars, such as self-leveling mortar, gypsum mortar, lime gypsum mortar, cement mortar, lime cement mortar, polymer mortar, gypsum cement plastering mortar, clay mortar, thermal insulation materials, pouring mortar, Fireproof mortar, floor mortar, seaweed mud, warm mortar, putty, primer, exterior wall painting, masonry mortar, etc.
Product features:
  Design of the separation module of dry and wet area.
  Automatic watering and feeding system.
  Germany imported motor, air compressor.
  Super wear-resistant delivery pump.
Standard configuration
  Pump equipment with mortar pressure gauge
  5.5KW motor with tilt protection switch
  75KW star wheel motor
  Control box
  Fluid meter
  Air compressor
  Booster pump
  Mixing pipe with adjustable flange
  Enhanced mixing shaft (clean shaft)
  Mixing tube cleaner
  Spray gun
  10 meters (25mm) mortar pipe
  11 meters (12 inches) air pipe
  Clean the connector
  Tool case comes with tool bag
  Operating Instructions

Specification model M6
Voltage / Frequency 380W/50Hz
Delivery value 30L/min
Output pressure 50bar
Motor power 5.5KW
Air compressor power 3KW
Horizontal conveying distance 40m
Vertical conveying distance 20m
Maximum particle size 5mm
Mixer capacity 110L
Filling height 900mm
Weight 220KG
Size 1230x 720x 1550mm
Scope of application Painting plaster, plaster
Cement mortar, fireproof mortar


Screw Type Ready-Mixed Mortar Spraying Machine
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