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TXP100 Dry Extruder


General Description
Rice bran fresh-keeping machine MKJ-100 is a patent product of our company( Patent number:
90224391.8), the machine has passed provincal qualification in April 1989, and award Hubei
excellent new product "Golden crane" price and Hubei second science and technology progress
price in 1990, in the same year award National New Product by the State Science Commission, and
also be listed into 1990 National key new product manufacturing plan by State Planning
Commission. In Nov. 1991, two key science projects based on this machine passed the
qualification of ministry, one is Research of soybean extruding and extraction process, the
other is Production of rice bran salad oil.
The machine self combines feeding, heating, extruding and shaping, it has below highlights: advanced process, compact volumn, smooth running, low noise, high production efficiency, easy operation, convenient maintenance, etc. The quality is international accepted, so is essential equipment for the production of rice bran oil and soybean extruding for oil.  
Working principle 
By the squeezing and shearing forces of unequal-pitch pressing screw worms, the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy, heat the material inside to approx. 130℃ then shaped.
Main functions
1. The extruding of rice bran
1.1 After experiment, rice bran processed by this machine, compared with unprocessed material, the acid value down approx. 3mgKOH/g oil, the water content down approx. 3%.
1.2 Fresh keeping: the acid value of processed rice bran raise about 1mgKOH/g after a month, even at high -temperature season, after 3-6 months storage, the rice bran still fulfills for the oil production standard. On the contrary, the acid value of unprocessed rice bran will raise approx 46mgKOH/g oil in only one week, so the value for oil production completely lose.
1.3 The diameter of processed rice bran is approx. φ3~5mm, helps the permeate of solvent liquid, and get best effect of extracion. By actual producing results, compared with traditional oil pressing production process, the extraction process can double the oil yield, and help the refining rate by approx. 20% up, the extracted defatted rice bran is the best material for the production of inositol and also ideal feed ingredient.
1.4 The processed rice bran can produce high quality salad oil.
2. The extruding of soybean
The machine also can be used for expanding soybean. Use the machine to expand soybean can replace the traditional flaking, prepressing process. The direct extraction of soybean has below highlights:
2.1 The production capacity of extraction can raise by 40-50%.
2.2 At same extraction condition, the residual oil rate of meal is lower.
2.3 The solvent content in wet meal is lower 20% than direct extraction of soybean flakes.
2.4 The total power and steam consumption and maintenance cost of equipment reduced.
Technical Data
1. Capacity: 250-350kg/h
2. Residual oil content after extraction: <1%
3. Motor power: 23.5kw
4. Dimension: 1550×780×1510mm
5. Weight: 995kg
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