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XM50E Asphalt Milling Machines

Max.milling width:500/350mm
Engine Model: YC4D95Z-T21
Rated power:70kW
XM50E asphalt milling machines is one of the main asphalt concrete road maintenance equipment, mainly used for large-scale highways, urban roads, airports, freight yard, etc for renovation of asphalt pavement. One-time removal of entire concrete overlay. It can also be used for cleaning protuberance, oil layers, retieulation and vehicle tracks as well as road trench, tunnel excavation. cement road surface roughening and dislocation smothness. 
The equipment features advanced performance, high efficiency, simple process, easy control of milling depth, flexible operation, good maneuverability and the old material recycling and utilization. It is an ideal equipment for pavement maintenance and renovation.
Performance and characteristic
⊙Hydraulic driving milling drum has the obvious characteristics of stable milling and high efficiency.
⊙Compact three-wheeled machine with front-wheel drive .The advance speed is infinitely variable in both gear which can be suitable for the requirement of different working conditions.
⊙Upon request ,the machine can be equipped with all wheel drive.
⊙The front steering driving axie has large steering angle and small turming radius ,can mill along the manhole covers.
⊙The high-strength and high wear resistance imported cutter head and cutter rest have long service life and low construction cost.The imported hydraulic elements have high working reliability.
⊙Excellent welting milling performance with right rear leg which can be fast swung into the frame makes the milling drum attached to the road edge stone or wall for milling operation.
⊙Hydraulic handheld breakers ,rumble strip equipment ,fine milling drum and 350mm width milling drum can be selected.

Max. milling with mm 500/350

Max. milling depth mm 100
Milling wheel Number of tools
Drum diameter with tools mm 580
Engine Model
Rated power kW 70
Rated speed rpm 2200
Specifications Operating speed m/min 0~38
Travel speed km/h 0~6
Ground clearance % 50
Ground clearance mm <100
Operating weight kg 4800
Volume Fuel tank L 90
Hydraulic oil tank L 70
Water tank L 220
Conveyor Width mm
Measurement Overall machinery LxWxH mm 2880*1435*2050
Conveyor LxWxH mm
Travel mode

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