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XZ280-XZ3000 Horizontal Directional Drill

XZ Series Horizontal Directional Drills are mainly used in the trench less piping construction and replacement of the underground pipe. The XZ Series Horizontal Directional Drills have the advantages of advanced performance, high efficiency and comfortable operation. Many key components adopt international famous products to guarantee the quality. They are the ideal machines for the construction of the water piping, gas piping, electricity, and telecommunication, heating system, crude oil industry.
Performance and characteristic:
Pluralities of advanced control technologies are adopted, including the PLC control, electro-hydraulic proportion control, load sensitive control, etc.
The drilling rod automatic disassembly and assembly device can improve the working efficiency, relieves the labor intensity and manual error operation of the operators, and reduces the construction personnel and the construction cost.
Automatic anchor: The down and the up of the anchor is driven by hydraulics. The anchor is great in force and is easy and convenient to operate.
The dual-speed power head is operated with low speed when drilling and dragging back to ensure smooth construction, and can speed up to slide with 2 times of speed to reduce the auxiliary time and improve the working efficiency when returning and disassembling the drilling rod with empty loads.
The engine has the turbine torque increment characteristic, which can instantly increase the power to ensure the drilling power when coming across the complex geology.
The power head has high rotation speed, good boring effect and high construction efficiency.
Single- lever operation: It is convenient to precisely control and is easy and comfortable to operate in performing various functions such as thrust/ pullback and rotary, etc.
The rope controller can carry out the disassembly and assembly vehicle operation with single person, with safe and high-efficiency.
The floating vice with patent technology can effectively prolong the service life of the drilling rod.
The engine, hydraulic parameter monitoring alarm and a plurality of safety protection are provided to effectively protect the safety of the operators and the machines.
Main Technical Specification

XZ280 XZ320 XZ320A XZ320B XZ320D XZ400A XZ1000 XZ1500 XZ3000
Shangchai D6114ZG Shangchai/Cummins Shangchai/Cummins Cummins Shangchai/Cummins CUMMINS CUMMINS Cummins Cummins
Rated power kW 140/2300 140/160 140/160 160 140 178 392 392 298x2

Cylinder Motor Cylinder Rack and Pinion Rack and Pinion
Rack and Pinion
Max. pullback/thrusting kN 280/280 320/200 320/320 320/200 320(400)/200 400/400 1000/1000 1500/1500 3000/3000
Spindle torque (max) N.m 10000 12000 12000 12000 12000 14000 55000 60000 110000
Spindle speed r/min 0-120 0-140 0-140 0-140 0-140 0-100 0-80 0-80 0-76
Travelling speed of power head


Backream diameter mm Φ750 Φ800 Φ800 Φ800 Φ800 Φ900 Φ1200 Φ1200 Φ1600
Tubing length (single) m 3 3 3 3 3 4.5 9.6 9.6 9.6
Tubing diameter mm Ø73 Ø73 Ø73 Ø73 Ø73 Φ73 Ø127 Ø127 Φ127,Φ140
Entry angle ' 10-23 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 13-20 10-18 8-18 8-18
Mud flow rate (max) L/min 250 320 320 320 320 450 1200 1200 2000
Mud pressure (max) bar 80 80 80 80 80 100 200 200 200
Overall weight kg 12500 11500 12100 12100 11500 13400 32000 41000 55000
Dimension(LxWxH) mm 7208*2200*2450 7100*2300*2500 7100*2300*2500 7100*2300*2500 7100*2300*2500 8300*2487*2500 14500*3150*3390 16200*3150*3500 16000*3300*3600

Model XZ500
Item Unit Parameter
Engine Manufacturer
Rated power kW/ rpm 194/2200
Feed/retract Type
Two-motor driving gear rack
Max. retract/feed force kN 500/500
Drill unit running speed m/min 0~20
Rotation Type
Motor+reducer driving gear transmission
Max. drill unit torque N.m 18000
Drill unit rotate speed r/min 0~108
Drill rod Diameter mm  φ89
Length(single) m 4.5
Drill stand Type
Sliding box drill stand
Drilling angle ' 10~20
Truck mounted crane Type
Full rotary straight boom retractable crane
Max. hoisting weight t 2
Travel drive Type
Steel track self-propelled
Travel speed km/h 1.8 
Flow rate L/min 600
Dimensions mm 9280*2755*3000
Weight t

Model XZ400
Engine Supplier Dongfeng Cummins
Model 6CTA8.3-C240
Rated power 179kW/2200 rpm
Thrusting and pull back Style Double motor and gear rack type
Max. pulling back /thrusting force 400kN /400kN
Power head speed 0~22m/min
Swing Model Motor driving and gear transmission
Max. torque of power head 14000N.m
speed of power head 0~100rpm
Drill rod Style Standard API drill rod
Diameter φ73mm enhanced
Length (single rod) 3m
Dril rack Style Box shape
Adjusting angle 10~22
Travel driving Style Steel crawler self-propelled
Travel speed 1.4 km/h
Mud pump Style Hydraulic driving
Flow 450 L/min
Dimensions 7000x2170x2450 mm
Weight 10t
Main equipment
Dongfeng Cummins engine
Main pump USA SAUER (imported)
Rotation motor Huade
Valves Yuci
Track Hubei xianning
Speed reducer Dongming Korea
Mud pump Hengyang

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