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  • FOTMA New and Welcomed Portable Wood Sawmill

    The sawmill is an entry-level portable sawmill packed full of impressive features with a budget-friendly price, which is designed for hobby sawyers looking for an economical solution to mill lumber.

  • Precautions for the Use of Generators

    High temperature operation in summer, safety hazards should be guarded against:1. Please keep away from flammable and explosive materials when the generator is running.2. If you find gasoline overflowing, please clean it up in time.

  • How does the Screw Oil Press Squeeze Walnut Kernels?

    The steps of the walnut screw oil pressing process are:1. Material selection, selected pecans, broken kernels.2. To fry, put the walnuts in a pan and fry for 10-20 minutes at a temperature of 120-140°C;3. Put the steamed and fried food into the crusher for grinding.

  • Why is the Small Bottle Edible Oil Filling Machine More Welcomed?

    The life of modern urbanites has become more and more refined, and edible oil is no longer in large bottles or barrels. There are many exquisite small bottled edible oils. The popularity of small bottles of edible oil has led to Installations have also begun to flourish.

  • Two Plants of FOTMA 120TPD Rice Milling Machines Installed In Nigeria

    In July of 2022, Nigeria, two sets of 120t/d complete rice milling plants are almost finished on installation. Both plants were completely designed and manufactured by FOTMA, and finished on production and shipped to Nigeria in the end of 2021.

  • 100TPD Rice Milling Line To Be Dispatched To Nigeria

    On June 21st, all the rice machines for a complete 100TPD rice milling plant had been loaded into three 40HQ containers and would be shipped to Nigeria. Shanghai was locked down for two months due to suffered COVID-19. The client had to stock all his machines in our company.

  • Corn Combine Harvester

    As my country’s largest food crop, corn has an important strategic position in ensuring my country’s food security. Among the three major food crops in my country, the chance of corn yield has been low. Whether in hilly areas or plains, many areas still There is a phenomenon of manual harvesting.

  • Carbide Cutting Tools

    Sintered tungsten carbide cutting tools are very abrasion resistant and can also withstand higher temperatures than standard high speed steel tools. Carbide cutting surfaces are often used for machining through materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel, as well as in situations where other tools would wear away, such as high-quantity production runs.

  • Customer from Senegal Visit Us

    Since 23th to 24th of this July, Mr. Amadou from Senegal visited our company and talk about 120t complete set rice milling equipment and peanut oil press equipment with our sales manager.

  • Customers from Nigeria Visited Us

    Since 3rd to 5th of this September, Mr. Peter Dama and Ms. Lyop Pwajok from Nigeria visited our company to inspect the 40-50t/day complete rice milling machines they have bought in July.

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