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  • Production is Progressing Smoothly, and the Annual Grain Harvest is Imminent

    In the golden autumn in October, the agricultural production of the "Three Autumns" entered the peak period. Various agricultural machinery and equipment such as corn harvesters, rice harvesters, tractors, and seeders shuttled between the golden fields.

  • New Breakthrough in Rapeseed Blanket Seedling Transplanter

    After 12 years of hard work, the research team in my country has innovated the transplanting method of cutting the blanket seedlings into pieces and planting the seedlings on the seam and the integrated tillage and planting operation mode, and created the combined tillage and planting.

  • Technical Key Points of Three Mechanized Sowing Types of Rapeseed

    "Technical Guidance for Mechanization of Rapeseed Production in Southern Winter Idle Fields" aims to promote the mechanized development of rapeseed production, strengthen the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, promote the improvement of the level of mechanized operations, and support the expansion of rapeseed with mechanized power.

  • Agricultural Machinery is Expected to Promote the Natural Rubber Industry’s Sustainable Development

    Natural rubber is a global bulk industrial raw material with dual attributes of industrial products and agricultural products. It is listed as the four major industrial raw materials alongside petroleum, steel and coal. It is an indispensable strategic material for economic construction.

  • Crushing and Refining of Palm Oil

    Palm oil is listed as one of the top four sources of vegetable oil in the world. Generally speaking, there are more palm fruits pressed. This automatic oil press is the ideal model for pressing palm oil.

  • The Reason and Removal Method of Benzopyrene in Camellia Oil

    Excessive benzopyrene content in camellia oil may occur in the planting, harvesting, and processing.

  • How to Solve the Problem that Oil from Automatic Oil Press Turns Black

    The main reasons for the blackening oil from the oil press: 1. Before the oil press is pressed, the raw materials must be cleaned. 2. The steps of frying are also very important. 3. If the oil filter is not handled properly, the color of the oil will also turn black.

  • More Than Half of the Early Rice Harvested in Hubei

    In the past few days, early rice production areas in Hubei have successively opened sickles. At present, the harvest progress is more than halfway through, and the overall progress is smooth. It is expected to achieve a new round of bumper harvest following the good news of the wheat harvest.

  • Development of Grain and Oil Machinery Industry in China

    Grain and oil machinery industry includes the manufacturing of rice, flour, oil and feed processing equipment; the manufacturing of grain and oil storage and transportation equipment

  • Plant Protection Drones Help Spring Ploughing

    Spring ploughing waits for no one, and it is time to prepare for ploughing. At present, the spring ploughing preparation season has entered. Over the fields, plant protection drones are used to control pests and diseases, weeding, and additional rejuvenating fertilizers on wheat.

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