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What is Good Quality Paddy for Rice Processing

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What is Good Quality Paddy for Rice Processing

The starting quality of the paddy for rice milling is should be good and paddy should be at the right moisture content (14%) and have a high purity.

Characteristics of a good quality paddy

a. uniformly mature kernels

b. uniform size and shape

c. free of fissures

d. free of empty or half filled grains

e. free of contaminants such as stones and weed seeds

..for good quality milled rice

a. high milling recovery

b. high head rice recovery

c. no discoloration

Effect of crop management on paddy quality

Many crop management factors have an impact on the quality of paddy. A sound paddy kernel, one that is fully matured and not subjected to physiological stresses during its grain formation stage.

Effect of postharvest management on paddy quality

Timely harvesting, threshing, drying, and stored properly can result in the production of good quality milled rice. Mixtures of chalky and immature kernels, mechanically stressed grain during harvesting threshing, delays in drying, and moisture migration in storage can result in broken and discolored milled rice.

Blending/mixing different varieties with different physico-chemical properties during the post-harvest operations contribute to a large extent in the lowering of the milled rice quality produced.

Purity is related to the presence of dockage in the grain. Dockage refers to material other than paddy and includes chaff, stones, weed seeds, soil, rice straw, stalks, etc. These impurities generally come from the field or from the drying floor. Unclean paddy increases the time taken to clean and process the grain. Foreign matter in the grain reduces milling recoveries and the quality of rice and increases the wear and tear on milling machinery.

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