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Current Cutting Tool Industry Status

Views: 13     Author: FOTMA      Publish Time: 2014-01-06      Origin: FOTMA

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Current Cutting Tool Industry Status

The financial crisis, all walks of life cope with economic entities have been actively looking for good policy, and formed a consensus: should the crisis as an industry in transition, enterprise product technology upgrade opportunity, relying on scientific and technological innovation and adoption of advanced manufacturing technology to overcome the financial crisis. However, to achieve the manufacturing technology innovation and processing technology to upgrade the machine tool industry in particular, play a decisive role in the rapid development of even more. 
    Today, the cutting tool industry has been for the manufacturing industry with more and more advanced technical support, such as automotive engine parts and processing of several ugg classic cardytypical tools, aircraft landing gear and other aerospace components and cutting tools, but also processing of molds with a knife, and even including my new Wind electric industry, high speed train industry and other key parts and processing tools. According to statistics, the global manufacturing cutting tools according to the movements of plate distribution, accounting for 35 of general machinery, automobiles accounted for 34 , the aviation industry accounted for 12 , accounting for 5 of medical equipment, mold, 4 , others 10 .
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