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How to Protect the High Pressure Airless Sprayers from Cold in Winter

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How to Protect the High Pressure Airless Sprayers from Cold in Winter

Recently, due to low temperature in winter and rain and snow, the temperature has fallen below the freezing point. In order to ensure the safety and normal operation of high-pressure spraying equipment, and prevent the loss of your property caused by the low-temperature and freezing climate, and ensure normal production work, we have specially formulated anti-freezing and thawing measures for high-pressure spraying equipment. details as follows:

1. Add heat preservation measures to the high-pressure spraying equipment to prevent the pump body, high-pressure pipe and suction pipe from freezing

2. Drain the water in the pump body of the temporarily unused high-pressure airless sprayer, and drain the water in the suction pipe, high-pressure pipe and other parts;

3. If it is temporarily idle, use a high-pressure sprayer to suck non-corrosive antifreeze, so that the high-pressure pipe of the pump body, high-pressure spray gun and other parts can pass through the antifreeze to prevent freezing damage;

4. When high-pressure spraying is not used, put the high-pressure spraying equipment in a room above room temperature 0℃ to prevent freezing. Because some high-pressure airless spraying machines are tested with water before leaving the factory, the new equipment pump body and suction There is water in the material parts, and the above anti-freezing measures need to be implemented.

5. If the sprayer is found to be freezing, it is forbidden to start the high-pressure spraying equipment, and it is forbidden to use boiling water, pouring, etc. to thaw. Only use warm water to thaw, or bake to thaw, or place the spraying equipment at natural room temperature to thaw.

6. For the thawing of high-pressure pipes, high-pressure spray guns and suction pipes, refer to the thawing measures of high-pressure spraying equipment.

7. Work can only be started after the high-pressure spraying equipment and accessories are completely thawed, and the above thawing measures should be used after stopping.

8. The freezing of high-pressure spraying equipment will damage the seals in the high-pressure pump body and reduce the sealing performance.

9. When the sprayer is transported between workplaces, or the sprayer is left on a vehicle at night, the sprayer must not store water or water-based paint.

10. In the working gap, place the sprayer at all heat sources in the workplace, if the sprayer is filled with water or water-based paint.

11. If spraying water-based paint, it may not be practical to use mineral spirits to remove water. If you have to place the sprayer at a freezing temperature, circulate the sprayer with the pump body protection fluid, flush the fresh water, and then drain with the return valve, and place the return valve handle in the return position overnight.

12. If the lower cylinder is frozen, thaw the lower cylinder before starting the sprayer. Avoid unnecessary damage.

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