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Subsidy Policy Promotes Agricultural Sale of Farm Machine

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-31      Origin: Site

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Subsidy Policy Promotes Agricultural Sale of Farm Machine

The implementation of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy is an important measure to implement the central government's policy of strengthening farmers and benefiting farmers. The agricultural machinery purchase subsidy work is strictly in accordance with the relevant national policies and effective measures are taken to advance in a solid and orderly manner.

In order to facilitate purchasers to enter purchase subsidy applications, in 2021, two methods of "computer entry and mobile phone APP entry" will be adopted for entry. Buyers can submit subsidy applications online at any time, realizing that buyers can apply for subsidies "at most one run" The work goal of "run at most one place" reduces the round-trip time and cost of application processing.Through the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy projects, it has played a leading role in driving demonstration. Farmers have been enthusiastic about purchasing machines, applying for subsidies to increase the types of machinery and tools, and the area of agricultural mechanization operations and the total power of agricultural machinery have steadily increased. The structure of agricultural machinery equipment is gradually expanding in the direction of planting, breeding, processing, and post-harvest treatment, extending from pre-production, mid-production to post-production, and has achieved new results in the promotion of new machinery such as plant protection drones and self-propelled combine harvesters.

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