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  • Modern Rice Mill

    A modern rice mill is a facility that uses advanced technology and machinery to process raw rice paddy into refined rice products. These mills are equipped with various processing stages to remove impurities, husk, bran, and other unwanted components from the rice grains. The goal is to produce high

  • Farm Power Implements

    Farm power implements, also known as agricultural power implements or farm machinery, are mechanical devices and equipment designed to perform various tasks on a farm. These implements are powered by engines or other sources of energy and are used to make farming operations more efficient, productiv

  • Tower Dryer

    A tower dryer, also known as a grain tower dryer or a vertical grain dryer, is a piece of equipment used in the agricultural industry to dry grains such as corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, and more. It's an essential tool for farmers and grain producers to reduce the moisture content of harvested crops,

  • Compact Farm Tractors

    Compact farm tractors are small and versatile agricultural vehicles designed for a wide range of tasks on small to medium-sized farms, gardens, and other agricultural settings. These tractors are known for their maneuverability, ease of use, and ability to perform various tasks with different attach

  • Paddy Separator

    A paddy separator is a machine used in the rice processing industry to separate the husked rice (paddy) from the mixture of husk, brown rice, and unhusked paddy that results from the rice milling process. The primary purpose of a paddy separator is to efficiently and accurately separate the valuable

  • Farm and Ranch Equipment

    Farm and ranch equipment refer to a wide range of tools, machinery, and devices designed to facilitate various agricultural and livestock-related tasks on farms and ranches. These equipment are essential for efficiently managing crops, livestock, and other agricultural operations. Here are some comm

  • Paddy Dryer

    A paddy dryer is a machine used in rice processing to reduce the moisture content of freshly harvested paddy rice. Properly drying paddy is essential to prevent the growth of mold, fungi, and other microorganisms that can damage the rice during storage. The primary purpose of a paddy dryer is to bri

  • Agriculture Disc Harrow

    An agricultural disc harrow is a farm implement used for soil preparation and seedbed cultivation. It consists of a series of circular metal discs, often equipped with sharp edges or notched blades, that are arranged on a horizontal shaft. The disc harrow is towed behind a tractor and is used to bre

  • Rice Processing Plant

    A rice processing plant, also known as a rice mill or rice milling facility, is a specialized facility where raw paddy rice is processed to produce cleaned, polished rice for consumption. The process involves several stages to remove the outer husk, bran layers, and other impurities from the rice gr

  • Pto Farm Equipment

    "PTO" stands for Power Take-Off, which is a mechanism used in farming equipment to transfer power from a tractor's engine to various types of implements or machinery. This allows the tractor's engine to provide power for operations such as plowing, tilling, mowing, and more. Here are some examples o

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