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  • Grain Milling Machine

    A producer rice mill, also known as a cooperative rice mill or a paddy processing unit, is a facility or organization that specializes in the milling and processing of rice on behalf of rice farmers or producers. These mills are often established to collectively serve the needs of small-scale and ma

  • Farm Sprayer Tractor

    A farm sprayer tractor, often referred to as a "sprayer tractor," is a specialized agricultural vehicle designed for the application of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other agricultural chemicals to crops. These tractors are equipped with spraying equipment that can cover a large area of f

  • Oil Expeller

    An oil expeller is a mechanical machine used to extract oil from various oil-bearing seeds or nuts. It works by applying mechanical pressure to the seeds or nuts, causing them to release their oil. This process is also known as oil pressing or oil extraction. Here's how an oil expeller typically wor

  • Small Diesel Tractor

    A small diesel tractor is a compact agricultural vehicle powered by a diesel engine that is designed for a variety of farming tasks. These tractors are smaller in size compared to larger agricultural tractors and are typically used on small to medium-sized farms, orchards, vineyards, and for various

  • Rice Mill Machine

    A rice mill machine, also known as a rice huller or rice husker, is a piece of agricultural machinery used to process rice grains and separate the rice from its protective outer husk or hull. These machines are essential in the rice milling process and play a significant role in making rice ready fo

  • Large Farm Tractors

    Large farm tractors are powerful agricultural machines designed to perform a wide range of tasks on large farms, such as plowing, planting, harvesting, tilling, and hauling heavy equipment and materials. These tractors are typically larger and more robust than their smaller counterparts and are equi

  • Color Sorter Machine

    A color sorter machine, also known as a color sorting machine or optical sorter, is a specialized industrial equipment used for sorting and separating objects based on their color, shape, or other optical properties. These machines are commonly used in industries such as food processing, agriculture

  • Agriculture Tiller Machine

    An agriculture tiller machine, also known as a cultivator or a rototiller, is a piece of agricultural equipment used for soil preparation and cultivation. Tiller machines are designed to break up and loosen soil, removing weeds and preparing the ground for planting. They come in various sizes and co

  • Rice Machine Price

    The price of a rice machine can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of machine, its capacity, features, brand, and where you're purchasing it. Rice machines come in various types, such as rice milling machines, rice sorting machines, and rice planting machines. Here's a general

  • Small Farm Wagon

    Small Farm Wagon

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